Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cory Schumacher/Bonehole - Tubes 3'' CDr

DDA:27 Cory Schumacher/Bonehole - Tubes 3'' CDr

Darker Days Ahead is proud to finally announce the long awaited split between Cory Schumacher and Bonehole. "Tubes" offers 2 very harsh tracks that fit perfectly with each other, almost enough where they feed off of one another. Cory Schumacher starts the split off with a raw metal abuse harsh noise track lasting just under 10 mins. While continuing on Bonehole takes no time to finish up the job with an 11min track of pure noise that fluctuates from harsh noise into more ambient and eerie textures that gets you in a state of uncertainty. Watch every tube break as this split is finally unleashed to this drowning world.

Spray painted and hand stamped 3'' CDr comes packaged inside of a small zip lock bag with U.S. Death Certificate.

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