Friday, February 22, 2019

The Darkest Day

Well I knew this day was coming eventually, even when I first started the label. Well I guess its time, it has been a crazy wild ride throughout these last 7 and a half years. Met a lot of great people and worked with some great artists all around the world. 49 physical releases with some really cool packaging on some, ranging from CDrs, to cassettes and even a lathe release. Also putting out a compilation just about every year. I've enjoyed what I did with Darker Days Ahead and I think it turned out like I thought it would when planning it. I didn't really know how long or far it would last but I am proud of what it accomplished in its time.  

In the last few years Darker Days Ahead has slowed its output for a few reasons and now I think its a good time to officially end it. Will it come back? Possibly, but highly unlikely.

Thanks to anyone that participated or interacted with Darker Days Ahead, thanks to the people who submitted their music, traded, distributed, reviewed, bought or sold our merch, spread our name or just said hi at shows or through email. Thanks for all the memories and helping build this small legacy.

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Into eternity...

Darker Days Ahead

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dan of Earth - Clare Wing (Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Convent Demolition) CDr

DDA:49 Dan of Earth - Clare Wing (Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Convent Demolition) CDr

Dan of Earth unearths his new album “Clare Wing (Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Convent Demolition)” with an ever increasing drone of heavy machinery and destruction. Crumbling concrete disintegrates into rubble with rusty excavators tearing down the old building with unrelenting effectiveness. Dan certainly displays this event in such an interesting way that it makes you think of destruction in more than just a physical way.

Spray painted CDr comes packaged in a slipcase with artwork.

Oilslick Leviathan/Knurl - Themes For a Car Crash CDr

DDA:48 Oilslick Leviathan/Knurl - Themes For a Car Crash CDr

Oilslick Leviathan and Knurl unleash this powerful split entitled “Themes For a Car Crash”. This disc slams your ears and body with an explosive impact of sharp as glass distortion and heavy shrapnel like cuts. A perfect soundtrack for the tragic event that will leave you scarred with unwanted memories.

Spray painted CDr comes in a purple DVD case with car crash object. Limited to 25 copies.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Death Season 7 Compilation CDr

DDA:47 Death Season 7 Compilation CDr

Darker Days Ahead presents its 7th Death Season Compilation; 14 tracks of brutal harsh noise, mystic dark ambient, metal abuse, industrial worship and a hint of harsh noise wall, making a perfect 73 minute soundtrack for this dying time of year. Feel the skeletal trees stare down at you while you get lost on the dark path home.

Double Black CDr comes in a white DVD case with insert booklet

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nar/Flesh Coffin - Split 7'' Lathe

DDA:46 - Nar/Flesh Coffin - Split 7'' Lathe

Darker Days Ahead is very excited to announce our very first lathe release, and what better way than with a split 7’’. First up is the mysterious unrelenting harsh noise wall project Nar. This elusive misanthropic project unleashes an unforgiving track entitled “Unresponsive” of unmovable HNW in such a cold way, the entire track moves along with little to no change almost sounding like a never ending avalanche, ending in a lock groove for infinite playback. Flip side we have Norway native Flesh Coffin which is one of the main projects of Andreas Brandal. “The Excavation of Transgression” is a 5 minute composition starting off with an eerie vintage sounding Halloween inspired soundtrack bleeding over to ambient undertones and harsh noise textures. Deep distortion climbs through the speakers as high screeching metal is ground up to dust.

White 7’’ lathe packaged inside 6mm poly sleeve with artwork. Limited to 31.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Oversea Shipping Prices Reduced!

Good news oversea buyers, we have found a way to ship oversea orders at almost half the price now! All oversea shipping prices have been reduced and is now based on weight, no more flat rates! We have been shipping oversea items for as little as $4 USD. 

New distro items have been added as well, continue checking here for new distro items:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gridfailure - Scathed CDr

DDA:45 Gridfailure - Scathed CDr

In the trenches of toxic waste floats up Gridfailure’s “Scathed”. Almost an hour of extremely powerful and well composed harsh noise mixed with distressed power electronics and ominous industrial soundscapes. As the boiling nuclear water stares back at you, your lungs will start to burn with the enflamed richness of feedback and screaming geiger counters. The radioactive apocalypse is upon us…breathe deep and accept what the world has become.

White stamped double black CDr comes with high quality artwork in a spray painted poly sleeve.