Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Saturn Form Essence - Planetary Mine 34825D-19 CDr

DDA:42 - Saturn Form Essence - Planetary Mine 34825D-19 CDr

Darker Days Ahead is excited to announce the newest release from Saturn Form Essence. “Planetary Mine 34825D-19” brings you through the darkest and deepest ends of the universe drilling through the blackest caves of an unknown planet. The unearthly drone carries you through this exploration with a great sense of uncertainty weaving in and out with every extract as you slowly descend deeper and deeper underground.

Spray painted black CDr come packaged inside a gold foil reseal able bag with cover and a mysterious mineral extract. Limited to 25 copies.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Death Season 6 Compilation Ad

Darker Days Ahead would like to announce its sixth annual Death Season compilation. It will be released sometime in November 2016 due to a late start.

If you would like to submit a track email us at darkerdaysaheadmn at yahoo dot com

We are interested in anything Ambient, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Drone, and other various Experimental Noise. We are trying to keep this tradition alive as long as possible, help keep it alive! Every year it gets harder to make this happen. If you have participated in previous DS compilations you can still submit a track for this year’s as well. All is welcomed.

Here are this year’s submission rules:

-No Harsh Noise Wall (constant wall)
-Must be exclusive and unreleased material
-No more than 6 mins long
-Minimal rhythm/beat based.
-Include contact info/band info in email to be included in artwork (if desired)
-Send MP3's or Wave files through email or CDr/Cassette through snail mail (email for address)

-You will receive artist copies, although quantity is subject to change depending on packaging. You are guaranteed at least your personal physical copy
-This album will be available for free download

All tracks submitted will be reviewed before confirmation.
You can submit as many tracks as you’d like until one is confirmed.

Compilation is subject to be released if not enough participants contribute.

Please email for additional questions and please SHARE this!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Label News!

In the past few years we have slowed down a bit due to many reasons. But in the upcoming months we are planning on doing some major overhauling to the label to make it more frequent and appealing, stay tuned for more info and thanks to anyone who supports us!


Never Presence Forever/Isolated Existence - A Future Scarred By Memory/Forever In The Dark Split CDr

DDA:40 - Never Presence Forever/Isolated Existence - A Future Scarred By Memory/Forever In The Dark Split CDr

After multiple years of contact Never Presence Forever and Isolated Existence finally cross paths with this unforeseen split entitled “A Future Scarred By Memory/Forever In The Dark”. These two overlooked projects have been making dark ambient/industrial noise for quite some time however seeming to lay deep and unnoticed in the world of noise, often unheard and forgotten. Featuring 3 tracks from each artist of brand new material amplifying swaying drones of sorrow and industrial distortion of neglected machinery.

Double sided black stamped CDr comes in a black silver stamped quad fold sleeve with double sided inserts of each artist. Limited to 25 copies.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Avmakt - Daudingar CDr

DDA:39 Avmakt - Daudingar CDr

Avmakt creeps up on you with this new album entitled “Daudingar”. This 5 track disc is filled with industrial textures that turn into unsettling noisy ambience and then kills you with some harsh noise attacks. The man behind this project is one of the greatest living noise artists around and continues to redefine the genre we call “Noise”. If you don’t know who he is, you are already too late for the story he shares…

Double sided black CDr comes in a slipcase with artwork.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Death Season 5 Compilation CDr

DDA:38 Death Season 5 Compilation CDr

Four years, five Death Season compilations. This year marks the 4th anniversary of Darker Days Ahead, and what better way to celebrate than releasing another annual Death Season Compilation. DS5 has some of the best names around from all over the world. Each exclusive track flows right into the next making the whole disc a perfect soundtrack for trenching through those cold and dark nights. Let the darkness consume you!

Double sided black CDr comes in a slipcase with insert and dead leaves.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ptarkh & SiJ - Kapalika CDr

DDA:37 Ptarkh & SiJ - Kapalika CDr

Darker Days Ahead is excited to release this awesome disc contributed by Ptarkh & SiJ. These 5 tracks take up a whole CDr, no room left for any other sounds in this claustrophobic pathway to and from hell itself. Kapalika offers many dark ambient tracks with whirling textures of haunted winds and howling spirits that went missing long ago. Follow these dark hallways to find what lies at the end, if you make it...

Spray painted CDr comes in a clear slipcase with artwork.