Friday, March 29, 2013

Lefterna/Sound_00 - Split 3'' CDr

DDA:24 Lefterna/Sound_00 - Split 3'' CDr

We are very honored to release this fantastic split between Lefterna and Sound_00. Both projects born out of Skopje, Macedonia, this disc is very hypnotic and could easily fall under the category of brainwave entrainment. Lefterna starts things off with two tracks of modulating sound and flittering tones. Use of delay is heavily present and makes just the right frequencies to fall asleep to. Sound_00 finishes the later half of the split with three peaceful and reserved tracks featuring various field recordings produced with notable clamor. These tracks are quite unique and outline the untouched aspect of “silent noise”.

Hand painted 3'' CDr comes in a mini A5 sleeve with artwork.

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