Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Isolated Existence - Jennifer CDr

DDA:20 Isolated Existence - Jennifer CDr

Words can’t describe how special and important this release is for me. I live with this feeling everyday and this album is that emotion transformed into sound. This curse is actually one of the reasons why I started Darker Days Ahead. I recorded this years ago but was waiting for the right time to release it, I wanted it to be released with the best quality it could have. I think Darker Days Ahead is a good home for it. She will always be there waiting for me as I finish up her time in this life. I wanted this thing to be unlimited to shine on her spirit and so shall it be. Even though this track is the closest thing to the actual feeling, no one will ever know how much pain I have to go through every waking hour of my life. Until then, I remain alone…

Dedicated to her.

Released on 12/12/12.
Unlimited Edition.

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